New Zero Email. "SR/F Is Coming Off The Line"

Whose got the first one? Can't wait to hear/see some reviews. Go to Source

Ultra fast chargers

In my newspaper today was a long article written by David Stringer and published by Bloomberg News.  It discusses very powerful chargers that are now being introduced to the world market. One company making them is Tritium, located in Brisbane, … Go to Source

Calibrating Speedometer 2017 DSR

Hello eMoto gurus and fans! I upgraded from the stock tires on my 17DSR to Pirelli Scorpion Trails (wishful urban cowboy…) and have noticed that the speedometer is now reading about 8-10% too fast. This wouldn’t be a problem except that I use a conne… Go to Source

charge tank and accessory wiring ??

Hi, I recently got a 2018 SR with charge tank (replacement for 2016 SR without charge tank).  On the 2016 I removed the tank plastic to better access the aux connections that are needed  for use with my heated gear. My questions are, how do I easily ge… Go to Source

Dead charger, what are the options?

My daughter's 2014 S with PT's, long-suffering original on-board charger has finally given up. I was visiting her today and when plugged in the charging light glows green, starts blinking and then just goes blank. If you leave the charger plugged in fo… Go to Source

Something amusing on my NYS registration card

Just noticed something odd on my NYS registration card. Above "Fuel" for my Zero S it says "G," the exact same value listed for my BMW K1200LT! Go to Source

Kawasaki EV with replacable battery pack

Kawasaki seems to be the first Japanese company to file a patent for a system to swap batteries.  This proposal is more advanced than I had expected to see so soon:  https://ww… Go to Source

Stock windshield from 2018 SR for sale

I am new to this forum, and I didn't see a separate "Classified" section Like new condition, removed from 2018 SR with 3,000 miles $200 new from dealer, now $65 plus shipping from zip 92110 (San Diego) Brian Go to Source

Bike not turning off

The problem first began when the bike would not fully power down, meaning that motor would turn off but the accessories (headlight and display) were remaining powered on.  These accessories remained powered on even after the ignition key was turned to … Go to Source

Zero Motorcycles NextGen Mobile App for SR/F now available

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