FXS battery pack, charging off bike…

Hi all, Well, they're multiplying! Just added an FXS to complement my SR. What a blast the FXS is! I didn't think I'd ever be able to ride one, given the seat height, but Hollywood Electrics lowered it for me and it's perfect. (If you need a little ver… Go to Source


I'm fighting a war against isolation warnings on my FX. I saw this with a cable connection this morning "CHASSIS ISOLATION DANGER: 2 KOhms to cell 2" The log file has this instead "08147     06/29/2017 08:28:51   Low Chassis Isolation      2 KOhms to c… Go to Source

Zero mods etc.

These posts were spread across the 2013+ Zero forum, & now that most of the work items are completed I thought I'd organize them so they might be more helpful / usable.  They're not in any particular order, just grouped together to some extent.  These … Go to Source

Stuck in eco mode

Just went to use my bike after charging it up after I got home from work, I usually leave it in custom mode, but I noticed it was in eco mode and the Bluetooth icon was flashing, tried to press the mode button but it wont change at all, its stuck in ec… Go to ...

Alarm/Security for your Zero recommendations

I searched the USM wiki, the EMF and didn't see a topic on this.  My bike was recently F'D with whilst parked and resulted in some damage, and it could have been prevented had I incorporated a front brake grip lock and some sort of audible alarm system… Go to Source

Adrian Stewart leaves Brammo after 8 years

Adrian Stewart just announced he is leaving Brammo after 8 years with the company. https://twitter.com/adriangstewart/status/880152386886434816 For those who don't know who he is/was, he was the director of sales and marketing, yet he was so much more… Go to Source

Proposal and RFC left hand rear brake

I was considering the following: Get left hand brake cylinder/lever.Locate line from rear master cylinder to ABS and disconnect from cylinder.Reroute line to front and connect to left hand master cylinder.Fill, bleed, good? Anyone know why this woul… Go to Source

charger busted

my 2015 SR charger has gone busted…. Last night worked for 1 hour, then nothing. I looked to the electric usage last night and for 1 hour was working a little higher than usual, average 1.4sh kwhr, usually is in the 1.3sh, then boom. I will bring i… Go to Source

2016 vs 2017 DSR

I recently did some research to see whether it would make sense to upgrade from a 2016 DSR to the latest 2017 model. Yes, I know what you are thinking, it is far too early to think of replacing an already new bike. So, the answer was no before even st… Go to Source

Dashboard wishlist

I am curious to know what you guys would like to see improved on the dashboard on the Zero bikes. I feel that although the Zero is a great, modern bike, the old fashioned dashboard makes it seem a bit dated compared to alternatives like Energica Ego. … Go to Source