Zero Motorcycles NextGen iOS App for SR/F now available Go to Source

Survey says…

I just completed an email survey from Zero. It was pretty brief, and multiple choice, so not particularly precise, but it’s a start! Go to Source

FXS Charge cable re-routing

  I got a short extension cord to change how I plug in my FXS.  I know it's not a big deal, but it's always felt like a hassle to feel around or bend over and look up to see where the port plug is, pull it out, and plug in the cord.  The next ...

Team Mirai Pikes Peak International Hillclimb 2016 Documentary Subtitled

I follow Yoshihiro Kishimoto on Facebook and he posted the link to this video.  It's a documentary of the Team Mirai racing at Pikes Peak in 2016.  They raced a customized Zero FXS.  I've only seen bits and pieces of this video before and there are bun… Go to Source


God afternoon, I purchased a used zero about 3 months ago and it says it needs firmware update. Its a 2014 so I have to go to the dealer to get it done. Do you know if the dealer charges for the firmware update?Thanks,    Don Go to Source

Zero SR/F will take on Pikes Peak this year Go to Source

Universal nose fairing fitment?

Anyone attempt to fit a universal nose fairing like this one to a Zero? Go to Source

Firmware version for 2015 S

According to Zero web page, the newest firmware version is 54/46 for MBB and BMS.But when the dealer updated my 2015 S last Thursday, the Zero software only update to version 53/43? Had any 2015 S owner updated to version 54/46 already? I checked the … Go to Source

Motor noise in mid-range RPMs – worth making a fuss over?

I bought my Zero 3 weeks ago, and I noticed two things: I hear the brakes squeak occasionally, and the front hub does too in the right conditions The motor makes a cyclic whumping noise around 30mph that matches the RPMs and goes aw… Go to Source

Cover recommendations for 2019 FXS?

Just bought a 2019 Zero FXS and will be taking delivery in a few days and would like to know which covers fit nicely. I made the mistake of getting a too large cover for my previous bike and while it worked fine it was just always a bit of extra hassle… Go to Source