Tuning SR/F shocks

Looking for a short cut to a plusher rideI weigh 190. Anyone have a recipe they like that smooths the ride, especially the rear?* I know how shock adjustments work, no lectures please. Just hoping someone else has done the trial and error thing and f… Go to Source

Interview with Zero CEO

Did anyone see the interview Adventure Rider had with Sam Paschel the CEO of Zero Motorcycles? It was live streamed an hour ago. It’s been posted here: https://advrider.com/baldy-interviews-zero-motorcycles-ceo-sam-paschel/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_me… Go to Source

First Wash

2018 Zero S with 4200 almost trouble free miles. First hose wash on Sunday, now showing logic errors. It thinks it's plugged in. The indicator light randomly comes on, and it won't move from a stop. But in between flashes I can get it to go. The indica… Go to Source

Zero Sr/s Frustration mounting

Warranty replacement: Is it possible for a dealer to mistakenly order and install a standard charger on a premium Sr/s under warranty? Asking for a friend. Zero customer service please contact me. Thank you. Go to Source

Blueskysea DV688 Motorcycle Dash Cam 1080p Dual Lens Motorcycle Recording Camera

Has any installed a Dash Cam to there Zero Bike – which one ? any regrets ? Go to Source

SAE J1772 Charging adapter VS a Charge Tank

Hi guys – here is my question – I have both a SAE J1772 Charging Adapter and a Charge Tank for a 2020 Zero DSR ….. do they charged at the same rate … (I had the adapter from my 2014 Zero and just upgraded to a Charge Tank for the 2020 version) … … ...

Cheap 1000W external charger?

Thoughts on this item: https://www.ebay.com/itm/193068353746 It seems if you buy the 220V configuration with 117VDC output, and fit the output with a Anderson SBS-75X connector, it would work with the Zero? I have contacted the seller to see if they wi… Go to Source

DSR2018 rear brake pads

Hi guys, Was planning on changing rear brake pads on my DSR2018 because they felt noisy and all and purchased the EBC organic FA213 after looking at different forum. It seems to me they are a pretty tight fit compared to the OEM ones. Anyone experience… Go to Source

Serious problem with cruise control

I wonder, if anybody had the same experience yet – but hope not …  I used the cruise control quite early and a lot after starting riding the SR/F. Until about 1.5 weeks ago it worked without any problems: A short touch on the brake lever (without… Go to Source

[Unofficial Zero Manual] Parts Pages in prototype phase

I've written some data processing code to try to take Zero's parts listings and add metadata to them and emit some listings on the unofficial manual. The output pages, currently, are listed here and are highly subject to deletion and re-organizing. Do … Go to Source