2017ish FXS .dld .dcf files.

Can anyone pull a .dcf and .dld off their FXS for me?   ours is a 2017 so im not sure what years will be the same but ill take what i can get.  I'm trying to flash ours back completely stock and i don't have a unmodified file. Any help would be great… Go to ...

DSR – No Traction Control – Dangerous?

I know… its been beaten to death, but since I've got one on order, I just gotta ask one more time.  116 ft-lbs. of instant torque, no traction control, just how dangerous is this bike? I ask because another DSR owner just posted a high side report o… Go to Source

Belt drive conversion:

I have listed some points down here: 1. Is it possible? (I think yes from some basic research i did)2. Advantages:    Weight savings, Less inertial mass for the motor to work with, Almost no maintenance, Lesser noise and also     no drivetrain backl… Go to Source

Strange new vibration, diagnostic help please

2018 S 7.2 with 2600 miles. Have had some warranty issues, new front wheel, tire and rotor, and just a few miles later, I just got it back with a new rear wheel, rear tire and belt. At 50 mph, it now has a vibration I can feel in the saddle, that fades… Go to ...

Demo bike but no demo rides

I pre-ordered my SR/F the first day after the announcement.I have been patiently waiting like the rest of you.  Excited for the new toy! I knew that my dealer had received the demo bike because I saw the uncrating video.  Yay!  I see a demo ride in my… Go to Source

SR/F complaints

So I hear a lot of complaints about the SR/F.  It is delayed, no/wrong information from dealers, no charging cables, lower range, no L3 charging.  I will be the first one to admit, some of these complaints actually came from me.  This weekend I was thi… Go to Source

External Super Quick Chargers?

I recall seeing a link in a message in  this forum, perhaps a month ago or so that showed what looked exactly like Zero Quick Chargers, but they were very high power. 240 VAC input only (of course) and the prices of each was close to  $3,000.00. I cann… Go to Source

2013 S – system error upon startup

I got on my bike a couple of days ago to go to work and got the blinking red light instead of the green no matter what I did. This is a video of the startup, showing the warning indicator blinking continuously The blink se… Go to Source

Charging Cables for the SRF – Not included?!?

I've been meaning to post this for a while… The current situation is that if you buy an SRF you don't get any charging cables with it.  At all…  In order to charge from a domestic socket, we are expected to pay an extra £400 or so for the cable tha… Go to Source

Battery charging, the reasons to not go to 100%

Some here assumed the reasons for not charging to 100% was just for safety. Well, the new SR/F Owner's Manual cleared all this up on page 1.3. -Do… Go to Source