System Fault B6 – BMS Not Communicating

Hello everyone, Yesterday afternoon, when I was driving on my Brammo Enertia Plus (production year 2013, 8000 km on the speedometer), the B6 error message suddenly appeared on the display. Then I could not accelerate and the motorcycle stopped. Fortuna… Go to Source

2013 OEM charger as bridge to DigiNow

The stock charger on my 2015 SR is dying a slow, cruel death… Started with a flashing dash and a max SOC of 98% and over the course of a couple of months can now only bring the battery to 54%. This is actually a replacement charger after the origina… Go to Source

Greetings From Portugal

Hello all!Just bought a second hand 2015 Brammo Empulse!Loving it! Go to Source

R&G tail tidy, chop the fender / mudguard

Being an urban rider I have to squeeze the bike into pretty tight spaces. On my first day, driving home from the dealer, I stopped at my mother's for a charge. While manoeuvring into the front garden the numberplate snapped off because it stuck out so … Go to Source

front brake lever replacement

Hi everyone, I broke my front brake lever on my 2018 fxs   Do someone know where I can buy a new one? Go to Source

2016 S Front brake caliper removal

Hello all. I'm trying to remove the front rim off of the bike to install a new tire but i'm having trouble removing the caliper from the disc. It looks like I have to take the caliper apart to clear the rim to get it off of the disc and I can't figure … Go ...

HadesOmega Rides the BMW C Evolution Electric Scooter

So last week I finally got to ride one of dem BMW C Evolution electric scooters.  I liked it!  Nice big scoot scoot, if you were looking for an electric commuter it's a good choice!  Ample room for cargo, level 2 onboard charger, comfy and easy to ride… Go to Source

Multitools / tool kit

Most multi-tools don't have the 10-mm allen required to remove the swingarms required for the most important on-the-road maintenance, changing a drive belt. These do: https://www.tope… Go to Source

handguards 2015 ds suggestions

looking for any info as to what works best on a 2015 ds, handguards.  thank you  dan Go to Source

Vespa Electtrica is coming to the U.S.

I am not sure if a 2 kW motor is going to cut it here though, especially at Vespa's typically premium prices.… Go to Source