Mounting Neodymium magnets to trigger parking gates?

My place of work moved and I now park in a parking garage. The Zero won't trigger the parking gates on entry or exit. I've read you can mount Neodymium magnets to the bottom of motorcycles to trigger the gates and traffic lights. Is there anything on t… Go to Source

Dyno’d my Empulse TT

Nor-Cal Cycles in Millbrae, CA held a free dyno day party so I decided to take the Empulse down and run it, would be interesting to see an electric motorcycle on a dyno.  I had them do one run in ECO mode and the rest in SPORT mode.  It was done on a d… Go ...

Bad news for track days

The founder of Lit Motors was in a crash at Laguna Seca during a track day and now plans to sue the track day host.  Here are the gory details: https://www… Go to Source

Aftermarket sources for Brake Levers?

I would like to replace the stock lever with a shorty one. A color other than polished aluminum would be nice too!Swapping out the whole master with a Suzuki DRZ SM lever is an option Iv'e been told but a bit overkill unless I'm flushing the brakes so… Go to Source

Time to failure of 2014 S on-board charger degradation once symptoms observed?

I noticed starting last October (a few weeks after end of 2 years of ownership) that charging my 2014 S with the on-board charger would not always reach 100%. Since October, this incomplete charging has progressively worsened to be every charging sessi… Go to Source

Dealer Scam? Looking for help

Been researching Zero and looking to purchase a DSR.  Called the local dealer today as I noticed they have a 2017 DSR demo in stock and the dealer is telling me that Zero will pay $1,500 of the demo bike price, but that the incentive is up at the end o… Go to Source

Dwindling Dealers?

As a prospective buyer, dealer support and accessibility is a big concern. I've noticed that a few dealers in the Northeast US have stopped carrying Zero already. And the dealer closest to me has what seems like low sales volume. Has anyone else notice… Go to Source

power loss

the Brammo has the following problem, he gives low battery when I accelerate.but the batteries still have 70% or more capacity.there is 69900 km on the counter, still more than 10,000 km until the end of the warranty period.and after the takeover of… Go to Source

With an electric motorcycle to Iceland – June 2018!

After I have made my first experiences with longer distances on my Zero S 2015, I will push it to the extreme.My 21st trip to Iceland I will do electric. I will report here in German/English and the basic information is online now:[url=http://www.uw4… Go to Source

Emflux from India

Found this in the current issue of MCN: "The Emflux One is a new e-bike with a claimed top speed of 120 mph, range up to 120 miles, and is priced under $10,000. This Indian startup put its first electric sport bike prototype on display at the 2018 Auto… Go to Source