Angel GT

Has anyone used Pirelli Angel GTs on the Zero? They seem to be only available in somewhat bigger width (120 vs 110 and 150 vs 140), but I heard they should still fit. As the Angel GTs get many favorable reviews, I would be interested to hear what are y… Go to Source

2018 Zero DSR/Charge Tank review

Here is a review of the 2018 Zero DSR with a Charge Tank installed, published by  It includes lots of text and a video for those that don't like to read.… Go to Source

Motor squeal on acceleration

Hi there, I'm getting a squeal occasionally if I accelerate assertively (e.g., during an overtake), sounds to me like it's coming from the motor. It's not consistent, but it is disconcerting when it happens – usually I back off and it stops and if I ap… Go to Source

new charger GWP 3400 Watts

Hello everyoneit seems to be new at GWP. A new charger is output in 3400 watts. To see if it is compatible with the 1300 watts of origin! link: laurent Go to Source

Electric motorcycle racing article has penned an article about electric motorcycle racing which includes a neat video showing the Mugen being raced around the IOM.  If you look hard enough you will find Brammo/Victory mentioned.[url=… Go to Source

DC Area Dealers – Recommendations?

  I'm moving to Maryland and looking for a dealer to do a motor replacement under warranty.  Cyclemax is the closest to me, but I know they are a newer dealer for Zero. I'm willing to drive somewhere if there's another dealer that's highly recommended. Go to Source

Biker Gang time in Hawaii

Here you go, Hawaii forum members: Watch out for the lava.  Go to Source

DigiNow SCV2 in the pan…

I am thinking about a charging upgrade for my DSR.  It sounds like DigiNow would like to install in the pan removing the built in charger (sounds like a good idea given the quality of the built in charger(s)).  I really don't need 9.9KW and was thinkin… Go to Source

SR 2016 acts like an "S"-model after firmware update

Hello folks, I am fairly new here and read a lot about my new Zero SR 2016 here.I recently visited a Zero dealer to have the Touring windshield installed and to have my firmware updated to the latest (I think it's v51, coming from v49).After the upda… Go to Source

dead 12volt Dc-dc converter circuit?

Hi all, I was riding my zero and then suddenly noticed I had no working headlight, turn signals, horn, running lights, backlight for the dash, accessory power, etc. I didn't have tools with me to check fuses or anything, but looking at the schematic, … Go to Source