SRF/S why can we only have one custom mode?

It’s such a shame that although I can set up lots of custom riding modes on my srf, I can only assign one of them to my bike with the app.For example I have a city commute mode with max power/torque and max regen. This is great in the city as I hardly… Go to ...

BMW’s forever chain

BMW's forever chain
BMW has come up with a maintenance-free chain that is supposed to last forever. However, they don't mention what the life of drive sprockets will be.  No word yet what a replacement chain will cost if you have to replace it, though. My guess is tha… Go to Source

BMS issues?

I had an issue pop up for the first time tonight that seems to be a BMS problem.  I’ll call my dealer about it in the morning but I thought that I’d ask everyone here to see if there’s an easy fix to my issue. (This is a 2017 DS ZF13.0 with 2019 Charge… Go ...

Dunlop GPR300 vs. Michelin Street Radial

I was in love with the Dunlop GPR300s on my Ninja 400 after 2 trackdays, they stick like glue. However, using the Ninja as my commute vehicle quickly wore a flat spot into the rear within 2k miles. But about six weeks ago I got my Zero S back into acti… Go to Source

Touch up pen for DSR gold wheel

Hi! Today I noticed a small scratch on my rear wheel (DSR 2020). It is the gold wheel the latest DSRs fit. Do you know of any gold touch up pen that is a good match? I have used touch up pens with cars and bike frames with more or less good results so … ...

Hollywood Electric ZERO FAIRING KIT

Hello, little question.Who uses the Hollywood Electric ZERO FAIRING KIT on a zero S or SR? What is the drop in consumption? Go to Source

SR/F belt whining noise ~25 mph

My '20 SR/F w/ < 300 miles has a pulsing whining noise ~ 25 mph. Zero tech support has said that this problem is very usual…return to dealer for further analysis. I have no dealership within reasonable range due to oceans abound. Belt tension is wit… Go to Source

No lights on BMS

Turned on the key switch today and a second later the dash and everything went dark. Took off the battery case plugs and there are no lights lit. Anyone have any advise? Go to Source

Stolen Zero in SF

Since there's a number of Bay Area riders on here, I'm copying this from the BARF: "Stolen from Bernal in SF this weekend, my trusty commuter friend for the past couple years. White 2018 Zero SR, 23Z3347 (expired three days ago ), needs a new rear tire… Go to Source

Question for the battery hacks: Plummeting range / SOC at highway speed

Hey everybody, on my '17 SR 13.0, I have this weird behavior when travelling at a constant 100 kph. When I am cruising at higher speeds, the SOC starts to fall rapidly and the remaining range display drops with a factor of about 2 km for each km trave… Go to Source