SRF SRS 3 kW chargers how controlled?

I'm having some interesting discussion with a EV component supplier about how the 3kW chargers and the 6kW rapid charger work ( in the EU/UK)From my experience they definitely need a CP handshake. What we are uncertain about is whether the charger (ac… Go to Source

What is the best fast charger to buy for a zero dsr 2016?

Looking for a new fast charger for my 2016 DSR, i had a prototype charger that David hiley made for me that could plug into 2, 240v 10a house sockets and charge my bike in 2 hours but it broke and I haven't been able to contact him about getting it rep… Go to Source

2021 promotions and incentives

Anyone have a good source on when US promotions and incentives might be announced for this calendar year?  I want to purchase early this year, but don't want to miss the deals. Thanks! Go to Source

Firmware v19 Released for FST bikes

Firmware v19 for FST bikes has been released to dealers and for OTA update. Since the online FW versions page usually takes a while to update, here are the release notes from our dealer tools: [code]January 26th, 2021    MY20/MY21 SR/F SR/S        * … Go to Source

SRF charging in EU/UK – how many phases?

At long last I've finished my twin under-seat charging cable, one 13AmpUK plug and one type2 mennakes.  I can now charge at smaller untethered chargers and allow my self to charge when I stay the night with friends via the 13Amp.  A great increase in a… Go to Source

Tesla Tap question

Assuming I have an SR/F or SR/S with 12kW charging capability, what capacity Tesla tap would I want in order to fully realize the charging potential (again, assuming the Tesla destination charger puts out sufficient current)?  Is 40 AMP too small?  Is … Go to Source

NEVER put red threadlocker on sprocket/motor shaft spline!!!

Note to self and a warning for my fellow zero owners After HOURS of struggles to remove front drive sprocket(s), this is the conclusion according to the evidence: The un-named (nice guy, we all make mistakes) dealership mechanic who replaced the two d… Go to Source

More solid state battery news

This comes from an article in my newspaper today written by Peter Douglas, titled "Toyota May Be First to Deploy a Solid-State Battery".  His article quotes another article in Nikkei Asia that was boasting that Toyota has developed a solid-state batter… Go to Source

DSR Power Tank – How to verify it is working?

I just bought a 2021 DSR 14.4, with a dealer-installed 3.6 Power Tank extra battery.  I've taken it out for a couple rides, and noticed a discrepancy between the % of battery used on a trip, and the Wh/mi reported for the trip.  If I use 100% charge = … Go to Source

Battery Replacement

Could someone who has had the battery on their Zero replaced under warranty please confirm if the battery comes with a new BMS or will the dealer move the old BMS to the new battery? This is on a 2015 SR Thanks Go to Source