SR/F OEM heated grip replacement/upgrade quest

SR/F OEM heated grip replacement/upgrade quest
I commute with my SR/F roughly 53 miles one way and find the grips to be “numbing” at best. Not a big deal, all I have to do is swap the grips! But heated OEM grips Has anyone upgraded/swapped their heated grips? nbsp And to what Go to Source

2021 Zero DSR won’t start after failed update by dealer

So I took my 3 month old Zero DSR to the dealer to install a rain guard and replace a crushed bar end plug. Simple as that. On this occasion, I asked them to also do the routine maintenance, which is supposedly required according to the owner'#039#039s manual.. Go to Source

First time charging experience … went VERY badly

So, first time I'#039#039ve ever tried to use a public charger. Picked a dead cert, 45 miles from home. Every charge on the 22KW Mennekes (AC) adapter appeared to be successful according to Zap-Map (Lidls, Portland on the south coast). What could go wrong? Af.. Go to Source

Zero SR/S error code 64 – any idea how to fix it?

Hi, unfortunately I see this error now since more than 6 month. 64 Left Turn Signal Bulb Out Fault. Left Turn Signal Connection Open.If the error pops up there is an error message in the dash and the red error sign is visible. You can clear o… Go to Source

SR/F + SR/S glovecompartment – pictures please?

SR/F + SR/S glovecompartment - pictures please?
Please show me pictures of SR/F or SR/S frunk with and without the chargetank. If chargetank means I can fit nothing in there it becomes a little less important to me nbsp Apparently pretty hard to google – or I don'#039t know the right word for Go to Source

There’s just a single rear axle nut, right?

Looking at the rear axle adjusting bolts, it strikes me that I'#039#039d expect to see a big lockdown nut on either side, but there'#039#039s just one on the right side of the bike (the one that uses the 27mm socket), and it loosens both sides of the axle, to allow . Go to Source

New ’13 Empulse R Owner!

Bought this cycle from another local rider here in Reno, NV, and am having a great time with it so far! Haven'#039#039t pushed the range yet, but for most of the short-distance errands I have, it'#039#039s perfect, especially in a place where the sun almost always s. Go to Source

3 x TC 3.3kw chargers

So I'#039#039ve narrowed down my search to either just going with the OEM charge tank, or going with 3 TC chargers. I read that TC is pretty much the same as the diginows (without some proprietary bits diginow retained.) Are the dimensions of the TCs the same.. Go to Source

Front forks and ride on Empulse R

Hi, after riding my Empulse for a thousand miles, this week I rode a couple of hundred on my aprillia shiver 900. It was sooo good, the difference is night and day. The reason, the front forks. I need to do something. I'#039#039ve reduced the damping, minimis.. Go to Source

LSR or any other Aero fender on an SR/F

Any of u tried these on an SR/F or an SR/S? And did it need custom brackets? I'#039m looking at the ones from airtech streamlining Go to Source