Energica’s new electric motor

Energica's new electric motor
Energica has developed a new drive motor that will be installed on their bikes soon. More power, better cooling and lighter weight. What is not to like? nbspnbsp Here is a link to the article and press release: https://electricmotorcycles.news/emce-the-new. Go to Source

2010 Brammo Enertia – $2400 – Good Condition / Runs Well – Located in NJ

Hi Everyone, I'#039#039ve decided to sell my Brammo Enertia. nbspnbsp I am the 3rd owner, but I pretty much know the bike'#039#039s history and how it wound up on the East Coast. nbspnbsp It has all 6 Valence U1-12XP batteries in working condition. nbspnbsp 5 are original and 1 was pu Go to Source

Lithium metal battery

Here is the latest YouTube video discussing lithium metal battery design: nbsp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJ1etjdsZAg</a Go to Source

Charging on very hot days

Charging on very hot days
Here in Reno, it was only 100F/ 38C, today, so I decided to warm up a bit and take a nice ride out to the middle of the desert east of here where it was a bit warmer and all in bright sunlight. I took my 2017 Zero DS, with the 7.2KWH battery (the 6. ...

New SR/S – some observations

As much as I love my first electric motorcycle, a Zero SR/S Premium with a power tank, there are a few things that seem odd. 1. The lack of a parking brake. A regular bike doesn'#039#039t need one, but I feel like an electric bike should come with a parking b.. Go to Source

Replace front sprocket / Pulley

I have the plan to replace my front sprocket at 2017 SR.(seems, one of the side lips is damaged by some dirt!? tooth version, not the keyed version) Hopefully, there is enough clearance by only removing the swing arm!? Does somebody knows the torque f… Go to Source

1978 H-D electric motorcycle concept

1978 H-D electric motorcycle concept
Here is a link to an article about a 1978 Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle concept. (Guess who wasn'#039#039t interested. nbspnbsp ): https://www.indiatimes.com/technology/news/had-harley-davidson-listened-to-one-guy-they-d-have-had-an-electric-bike-40-years-</ Go to Source

Ease of finding / using Tesla Destination Chargers accessible to non-Tesla owner

Sorry if this has been addressed before, hidden in a related thread. (Search didn'#039#039t quite give me the info. I was looking for.) I'#039#039ve got a 2020 DSR and I'#039#039m working with some EVTricity chargers that in total allow me to approach 1C charging if I use Go to Source

Still no V20 SR/S SR/F firmware update?

Hi, does anyone have any info on a possible date for a V20 SR/S SR/F firmware update? It seems like a rather long interval judging by previous releases? Anyone? Go to Source

Zero Motorcycle Motor Glider

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLSb6z_tKj4&ampt=138s</ Go to Source