Buying 2016 FXS with battery "quotdamage"

Hi smart people! Longtime moto rider with little EV experience. Have an opportunity to buy a '#039#03916 FXS with low miles that rides great, shows 97% charge, etc. but has some cracks/damage to part of the battery enclosure (i think.) nbspnbsp Some of it seems like. Go to Source

Where do you guys find brake pads?

I'#039#039m looking for some new brake pads because the stocks are just terrible. I'#039#039m finding most sites (Revzilla and Amazon and Brembo) don'#039#039t even list the Zero brand when selecting brand specific brake parts. The zero wiki doesn'#039#039t seem to list the brak Go to Source

Silly FX charging question

I was just watching a video regarding the 2022 FXE and what jumped out at me was that it takes over 9 hours to charge the 7.2kWh battery. nbspnbsp That'#039#039s the same amount of time I'#039#039ve seen quoted to charge the 14.4kWh battery in the SR/DSR. nbspnbsp Does that mean Go to Source

Like my zero S! 400km in one day

Like my zero S! 400km in one day
I do not see a lot of positive posts in this forum. So I tough lets make one. nbspnbsp I'#039#039ll start with the negative aspect first. It would be great if I would be able to charge my bike in an hour.Thats it. nbspnbsp Now for the good parts. From least importa Go to Source

2022 Zero FXE review has just publish a review of Zero'#039#039s revised 2022 FXE electric motorcycle. I think they did a nice job with the BNG and styling compared with the previous years'#039#039 versions. But what happened to the front fender?: https://www.motor. Go to Source

To the experts: Why the 4500rpm regen limit?

Hello,I am using a progressive regen lever, and I would like to change the 4500rpm limit, above which regen is turned off. It feels quite weird, especially since the regen lever looses all function.Now my question: is there a specific reason this lim… Go to Source

2013 Brammo Enertia Plus for sale

I have owned this bike since 2014 … I put a new motor in it a few years ago, new tires and brakes a few months ago and it has been running beautifully. Recently, I got a V58 error code … I can read in the manual what the error is but I am not ...

Opinion – Why electric motorcycles are failing.

This video makes some valid points about why electric motorcycles are struggling in the marketplace. Go to Source

VIN Label missing – probably fallen off

Hi Guys, Was just checking over my SR in advance of it'#039#039s MOT (Roadworthiness Inspection), and I noticed the VIN label is missing. nbspnbsp There seems to be some small bits of adhesive residue remaining where the label was, so I assume it has fallen off. nbspnbsp I Go to Source

SR/F Charging behaviour on FW19

HiWith FW 19 my impression was, that SoC on charging was not '#039#039very true'#039#039.Being on the road in need of new power it my be crucial to quite exactly know how much you really have in the tank. Now I observed it closer – documented and calculated it in . Go to Source