2018 FXS w/ 2300 miles – A few questions

Hello! Hoping some folk here can shed some light on the following: 1) Any new info on aftermarket seats? I can'#039#039t find anyone who makes a bolt-on unit, only trim nbspnbspshops who do custom work. nbspnbspLooking to make my stock seat more comfortable for a passenger Go to Source

Not so good Farasis-News

If I am informed correctly, Farasis is the battery cell supplier for Zero. A year ago Mercedes Benz announced a strategic partnership with Farasis. Daimler had invested 400 million and a production facility would be built in Saarland. There are apparen… Go to Source

Any PMS 120 disassembly advice?

I have a Heinzmann PMS 120 motor with a possible bad bearing. nbspnbsp Does anyone have any experience with disassembling this motor? nbspnbsp It doesn'#039#039t appear to be too complicated, but if possible I would like to avoid disturbing the encoder to avoid having to " Go to Source

Yellowstone National Park

Taking the RV to Yellowstone, and thinking of putting the 14.4 S on the back. Don'#039#039t know if it will make it around either of the loops. The upper being 142 miles and the lower 96 miles. Two riders one bike 45 MPH or less, no fast chargers, maybe an ou.. Go to Source

Headlight adjustment on an SR/S

So the other day it got dark before I made it home and this is when I realized that the headlights are pointed upward. I didn'#039#039t think that could possibly be the case, I mean the bike is less than a month old and I paid $995 for a PDI. Apparently it'#039#039s. Go to Source

FXS 2016: full breakdown, flashing dash

Hello, My 2016 FXS was running fine until these days. Some days ago I have charged the bike during night using the standard cord and a manual timer. The bike charged from 58% to 73% in 1h 30min. Until there all seemed OK. But when I tried to use the bi… Go to Source

zero FX experimental seat

A dozen years ago, a faux tank seemed reasonable for showing that "quotquotThis is a motorcycle."quotquot I believe that we are past that notion and, to be honest, I'#039#039m rather tired of the plastic blob with nothing under it getting in my way. Another issue is the ba Go to Source

Harley Davidson Livewire One relaunches with lower price.

Link to story below. nbspnbsp Hopefully this will increase sales. nbspnbsp Still want to try this bike out. https://www.rideapart.com/news/519027/harley-davidson-livewire-one-launch/[/ur…</ Go to Source

My 2020.DSR. 500 miles. Bad bearings? Video attached.

https://photos.app.goo.gl/ygUofMgNXtLtG3J3A So I adjusted my belt today. Was at about 55 and I brought it down to 35. I'#039#039ve noticed my ride getting louder, and I thought .maybe the tension was increasing on the belt or something. Well. Now I think it'#039#039. Go to Source

Power tank + 2 x 3.3 kw Elcon chargers

I'#039#039m considering getting a power tank and then throwing on some 3rd party chargers. I know if I order the Elcon chargers without CANbus comms, I have to specify number of cells and voltages and all that. There is no documentation for this after 2018. T.. Go to Source