Zero SR 2018 – how is it on a rainy day?

Since I haven'#039#039t bought that 2nd hand Energica yet (and maybe glad I didn'#039#039t since they just came up with the new EMCE engine which seems pretty awesome)… I am now looking for a temporary electric bike. Have seen a few german 2nd hand Zero SR 2018 fo. Go to Source

Should I update to v19?

My bike is running fine on v17. No magic charging, although I expected longer ranges (SRF getting 80 miles going 70, 100 miles going 40-50). Any upside in updating? I am going to dealer this weekend for 4K service, do I tell them not to update it? Than… Go to Source

My – not so good – SR/S experience

So, I would like to pen down my not so stellar experiences with my second Zero motorcycle, a 2020 Zero SR/S premium with LED blinkers, top box and side boxes. At the end of march this year I traded in my 2019 Zero S (with 26000kms) for a showroom SR/S…. Go to Source

Windows 11

Here we go again. nbsp <img src="" alt=">gt:#58(#40" title="Angry" class="smiley Go to Source

Lake Michigan Circle Tour on an FXS

Crazy or not? It'#039s only 1100 miles or so. I have an external 3.3kW charger and 1-2 weeks if needed Go to Source

Zero FXE

Announced on the Zero web site. Go to Source

Energica’s new electric motor

Energica's new electric motor
Energica has developed a new drive motor that will be installed on their bikes soon. More power, better cooling and lighter weight. What is not to like? nbspnbsp Here is a link to the article and press release: Go to Source

2010 Brammo Enertia – $2400 – Good Condition / Runs Well – Located in NJ

Hi Everyone, I'#039#039ve decided to sell my Brammo Enertia. nbspnbsp I am the 3rd owner, but I pretty much know the bike'#039#039s history and how it wound up on the East Coast. nbspnbsp It has all 6 Valence U1-12XP batteries in working condition. nbspnbsp 5 are original and 1 was pu Go to Source

Lithium metal battery

Here is the latest YouTube video discussing lithium metal battery design: nbsp</a Go to Source

Charging on very hot days

Charging on very hot days
Here in Reno, it was only 100F/ 38C, today, so I decided to warm up a bit and take a nice ride out to the middle of the desert east of here where it was a bit warmer and all in bright sunlight. I took my 2017 Zero DS, with the 7.2KWH battery (the 6. ...