New SR/S – some observations

As much as I love my first electric motorcycle, a Zero SR/S Premium with a power tank, there are a few things that seem odd. 1. The lack of a parking brake. A regular bike doesn'#039#039t need one, but I feel like an electric bike should come with a parking b.. Go to Source

Replace front sprocket / Pulley

I have the plan to replace my front sprocket at 2017 SR.(seems, one of the side lips is damaged by some dirt!? tooth version, not the keyed version) Hopefully, there is enough clearance by only removing the swing arm!? Does somebody knows the torque f… Go to Source

1978 H-D electric motorcycle concept

1978 H-D electric motorcycle concept
Here is a link to an article about a 1978 Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle concept. (Guess who wasn'#039#039t interested. nbspnbsp ):</ Go to Source

Ease of finding / using Tesla Destination Chargers accessible to non-Tesla owner

Sorry if this has been addressed before, hidden in a related thread. (Search didn'#039#039t quite give me the info. I was looking for.) I'#039#039ve got a 2020 DSR and I'#039#039m working with some EVTricity chargers that in total allow me to approach 1C charging if I use Go to Source

Still no V20 SR/S SR/F firmware update?

Hi, does anyone have any info on a possible date for a V20 SR/S SR/F firmware update? It seems like a rather long interval judging by previous releases? Anyone? Go to Source

Zero Motorcycle Motor Glider</ Go to Source

Help! 2012 ZF9 battery connections

I just have the infamous 2012 ZF9 battery, no bike (no MBB or CCU if the 2012'#039#039s had one). Couldn'#039#039t bare to see it go to waste so I'#039#039m using it in an off-grid solar set up away from combustibles, moisture, and vibration. I can charge and discharge it Go to Source

Valence U1-12RT battery communications.

With the help of the Enertia wiring diagram and a spare wiring harness, I think I'#039#039ve figured out the connector pinout for the Valence U1-12RT batteries in the original Enertia. nbspnbsp The batteries are black with two round five pin connectors on top. nbspnbsp I'#039#03 Go to Source

Spare Diginow v2.0 controllers?

I'#039#039m using 4 Diginow 2.0 chargers on my DSR, and planning to leave on a big trip (~6 weeks) later this summer. nbspnbsp It seems to me that a single point of failure is the Diginow control module. nbspnbsp I could do without one of the four chargers, but there'#039#039s n Go to Source

Some info on the upcoming Sondors Metacycle electric motorcycle.

Just had an online chat session with a Sondors rep and learned the following about the upcoming Sondors Metacycle: 1. nbspnbsp Bike will have regenerative braking. 2. nbspnbsp White and black color options are powder coated. 3. nbspnbsp Asked about battery chemistry and wh Go to Source