Interesting info on Sondors Metacycle.

Just had an online chat session with a Sondors rep and learned the following about the upcoming Sondors Metacycle: 1. nbspnbsp Bike will have regenerative braking. 2. nbspnbsp White and black color options are powder coated. 3. nbspnbsp Asked about battery chemistry and wh Go to Source

Mahle’s magnet-less drive motor design

This looks interesting. I bet there are a number of motor designers looking at designs that don'#039t need magnets, which use materials that mostly come from China: nbsp</ Go to Source

ZERO SR/S (SR/F) Bullet Break Problem

ZERO SR/S (SR/F) Bullet Break Problem
I think there are several bullet break user in this forum. I have a problem with my device where I hope to get some advice I installed it following the video instruction with no problem and it worked great. But the problem was, that there was some . Go to Source

How much offset do you have on the rear sprocket

On my SR/S the rear sprocket has an offset. I assume every bike is going to have this to some degree but I wondered how mine was in relation to others. Did I get a "quotquotbad"quotquot one? IDK. Viewing the rear wheel from the left side, and imagining the air fill. Go to Source

Gen2 Charge Cord question

How long do these things last? nbspnbsp I just noticed last night that the cord was pretty hot (almost unbearable to touch). nbspnbsp This is the original cord that came with the bike in October of 2018. nbspnbsp I'#039#039ll admit I haven'#039#039t been using it as often as I did wit Go to Source

Custom power tanks?

I'#039m just curious what the feasibility would be for a DIY power tank. Does the S model need any modifications to the charger/controller if there'#039s an added battery pack to the bike Go to Source

2021 LiveWire One

Here is a little bit of news regarding the new LiveWire One model that is set to be introduced to the public within about a month from now. I found the information a little confusing so I will let you be the judge of what is going on: nbspnbsp https://www.mot.. Go to Source

HadesOmega X Light Bee vs Backyard Burner 2021 Rd.3

Hawk Mazzotta holds minibike races at his Moto Camp ranch in Cottonwood, California almost every month. nbspnbsp He invited me to come and race when I chatted with him at the last Supermoto USA race. nbspnbsp It'#039#039s like a party and race pretty much. nbspnbsp If you have a Go to Source

WTB – 2010 Enertia batteries

Hello. nbsp Looking for at least one working 2010 Enertia battery. nbsp They'#039re the original black Valence U1-12RT with round data cable connectors. nbsp I think that my bike may have a failing battery. Contact me with details. Tha Go to Source

Calculation for staying under 1C on ZF 13.0

My 2017 SR is still under battery warranty until next April so I want to avoid charging above 1C, but I would like to get as close as possible to minimize charging stop time. My bike has the 1.3 kW OBC and 2.5 kW charge tank installed, and I am also lo… Go to Source