How to change the Bike Timeout in the MBB?

Hello, Can you help me with how to change the timeout (time of inactivity before the bike turns itself off), when the key is on.I saw BrianTRice mention a variable of 1800s set in the MBB. Is that true, and how can I change it? Thanks for your help!:)… Go to Source

Belt is getting obnoxiously loud [SR 18]

Hi, my SR with the original wide belt now has 10 000+km, and the annoying sound it made from the first day is only getting worst. alignment is perfect with 1mm of clearance from the rear sprocket side, tension is perfect at the lower third of the recom… Go to Source

Zero SR/F cellular not working? Zero may fix it under warranty.

I know many people on this forum have reported problems with their Zero SR/F cellular connectivity not working since firmware version 18. nbspnbsp I took my zero into the dealer to have them make sure it wasn'#039#039t a problem with the cellular control module, and. Go to Source

SRF still having charge issues please help

Hello again, So I had posted previously about this and the issue kind of self resolved but has now returned, so I am concerned. 2020 SRF, 4000 milesPlug into 110V outlet with provided cord, clicking from plug, no whirring, then red light on charger. T… Go to Source

the U.S. EPA likes ICE over EVs

According to the attached article, which was published in my newspaper yesterday, the U.S. EPA prefers ICE-powered vehicles and doesn'#039#039t pay much attention to electric vehicles. Likely because ICE keeps them busy testing emissions and dreaming up new p.. Go to Source

BMW Longitudinal mounted motor design

Interesting. nbsp I recently raced a Honda CX500 so I guess this new design would be similar to that one. nbsp Wonder what it would sound like.</ Go to Source

Howdy, new Zero S bought

I'#039#039ve been reading this forum for the past few weeks since I put a deposit down on a new '#039#039S'#039#039, so I thought I'#039#039d reigster and show a couple of pictures. I'#039#039ve been commuting about 30 miles per day with a Kawasaki Versys 300, but fancied a change to Go to Source

Power Tank Question

Coming up on a month that I'#039#039ve owned a 21 S, 7.2. Put 700+miles on it and various mods/accessories. From what I'#039#039ve read adding a power tank with 45 pounds up high negatively impacts the handling. The 3.6 battery pack looks like it would easily fit in. Go to Source

Downsides to a chain conversion?

I just saw that the zero belt is about $140. Kind of yikes, considering what a pain it is to replace if you don'#039#039t have the proper jack. I see zero offers a chain conversion kit. besides lube and maintenance, what are the disadvantages of that over the.. Go to Source

Vectrix VX-1 for Sale near Boston

Hi:I purchased this scooter from the original owner with 1400 miles in the fall of 2019. My intention was to convert the non-functioning battery pack to Lithium, but post-Covid my priorities have changed. nbspnbsp I have assembled all of the software, manual.. Go to Source